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Why is critic of Islam advising Britain’s military?

It has been revealed that a British Ministry of Defense advisor — who helped write the “religious engagement strategy” for troops occupying the Afghan province of Kandahar — believes Islam might “be the rod of God’s anger,” raising disturbing questions for the military and the UK government.

Patrick Sookhdeo, who teaches at the UK’s Defense Academy and has served in the role of “cultural advisor” to troops in Afghanistan and southern Iraq, is also a regular speaker at events held by churches and Christian organizations internationally. Read more

Statement on my review of ‘Global Jihad’ and subsequent Barnabas Fund emails

In late January, I wrote a book review of ‘Global Jihad’ by Patrick Sookhdeo, international director of the Barnabas Fund. The response to this review, which took on a life of its own, has led to a number of claims being made about me personally. Before coming on to a particular allegation, it is useful to establish a clear sequence of events.

24 January – my book review of Patrick Sookhdeo’s ‘Global Jihad’ is published on the Fulcrum website. The review contains no personal attacks on the author, but expresses some criticisms about the particular analysis presented in the book. Read more

Review: Patrick Sookhdeo’s ‘Global Jihad: The future in the face of militant Islam’

Since September 11 2001, there has been a huge growth in the number of books that seek, in different ways, to explain and analyse the phenomenon of high-profile violent attacks by extremist Islamist groups. This trend has been mirrored in the Christian publishing industry, with many books now available in the average Christian bookshop on Islam, terrorism, and Christian-Muslim relations.

Patrick Sookhdeo straddles both worlds, as both sought after expert in the mainstream media, as well as a popular author and speaker in British (and increasingly US) Christian circles. In more recent times, Sookhdeo has also worked for the British Military of Defence, NATO, and the US military as an advisor and lecturer. Read more